New Equipment - Lighting and Studio Equipment!

For quite a while now our new purchases have focused a lot on our video customers.  BUT - we’ve been listening to our still photo customers and we’ve heard consistently one thing: off-camera flash.  

So, we took the plunge and we’ve added a couple new things:

  • Dynalite Strobe Kit - We’ve gotten a number of requess for a full featured strobe light kit and after some research, the Dynalite Kit won out.  It’s small and portable but packs plenty of power.  Plus, you can vary the output quite a bit giving your maximum flexiblity.  Everything you need comes in one case - two lights, two umbrellas, two stands, cables, and power supply.  See more on our Off Camera Lighting Page
  • Off-Camera Flash Kits - We couldn’t find retail what we wanted, so we’ve put together some kits using an 8-foot lightstand, Canon Speedlite 600RT Flash, Softbox, and Pocketwizards.  Perfect for off-camera flash in a studio/portrait setting or for a wedding reception.  Although we use a Canon flash, these kits will work with either Canon or Nikon cameras.  See more on our Off Camera Lighting Page
  • Pocketwizards - Probably our most requested item, we now have Pocketwizards.  We purchased four of these, so you can control up to three off-camera flashes with them.  See more on our Off Camera Lighting Page
  • Impact Background Kit - Last but not least, we added a durable yet lightweight background kit that is portable but well-made.  This kit supports a weight up to 20 lbs.  We also have a number of different 10x12 backgrounds that work with this kit.  See more on our Studio Page