Rokinon Cinema Lenses, Canon C100 Bundles, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES!

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From Brian…

Every since we added the Canon C100 to our lineup, we've been working hard to add to our collection of video/cinema gear.  Here's a brief list of what we've added:

  • Canon C100 and 5D Mark III Bundles - We've designed four different bundles for the Canon EOS C100 and 5D Mark III to make it easier (and more affordable) to rent a package.  Check out our Canon C100 or 5D Mark III Pages for more information.
  • Rokinon Cinema Primes - Cinema lenses often cost thousands of dollars for just one lens, but the Rokinon Cinema primes offer cinema features (manual declicked apertures and geared autofocus rings) at a fraction of the cost.  We now carry the entire set (8mm - 85mm) and pass the savings along to you.  You can find out more on our new video lenses page.
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories - From follow focus units to field monitors and viewfinders, we've added a whole host of video-related accessories that are now avaialble for rent.  Check out our accessories page for more information.  

Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens

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