Same-day and One-Day Rentals

For a while, we've limited rentals to two-days regardless of whether you needed the gear that long - and we have good reasons for doing so.  But, over time we've had more and more requests for one-day and even same day rentals.  With that in mind, we are revamping how we define a "day" to offer same day and one-day rentals.  

Same-day rentals will be pickup and return on the same calendar day within a reasonalbe time frame (we don't like to do returns at 2am)

One-day rentals will be pickup and return within 24 hours.  So if you pick it up on Friday night and return it by the same time on Saturday, that would be a one-day rental.  

Two-day rentals will be pick and return within 48 hours.  So if you pick up Friday night and return by the same time on Sunday, that would be a two-day rental.  The same tolds true for three-day (72 hours) and on up. 

We hope this new "day" policy will give our customers more options.