Video Consultation/Request

If you’re working on a video project and aren’t sure what you want to rent or have questions, please use the form below to give us an idea of what you’re looking to do.  

This is all spelled out in the contract, but there’s three things we have to tell you:

  1. It’s your responsbility to know what you’re renting.  If you rent something you have never used, we suggest you download the manual right away.  We can help you to a certain extent but ultimately its your responsibility.  
  2. When it leaves our hands it will be functioning as it should but sadly we can’t control what happens after that.  It seldom happens, but sometimes things do go wrong.  We will make our best effort to make it right, but very rarely things go wrong and we can’t do anything about it.  
  3. You’re dealing with electronics.  Long story short, if it doens’t work right, shut it off, pop the battery, detach the lens, and start again.  It’s amazing how many problems these steps will fix.