Membership Information LLC is pleased to offer an annual membership program for it's customers.  Membership provides the following benefits:

  • Members will automatically save $10 offer on every order with an additional $5 off for each item you rent (So if you rent one item, you’ll save $15, two items $20, three items $25, and so on) 
  • The ability to have gear shipped to you

The price is $75 per year, but you can also choose to earn a membership and avoid any up front costs.  Any customer who will be renting equipment five times per year is guaranteed to at least break even on their membership.

Give me an example of how this would benefit me

Kevin rents pretty much the same set up for every wedding he shoots: Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS USM II lens.  He rents this set up about 10 times per year.  The regular cost for a weekend for this set up is $160.  Kevin becomes a member and pays the $75 up front.  Under the terms of membership, he is then entitled to $10 off every order plus $5 for each item rented.  So, for two items he’s saving $20 per order, cutting his costs from $160 a weekend to $140 per weekend.  $20 savings for 10 weekends and Kevin’s net savings is $125 for the year.  

Michelle is single mom who works another job as well as doing photography, so picking and dropping off equipment doesn’t really suit her schedule.  She signs up for a membership and each weekend she needs equipment, it shows up on her doorstep with a pre-paid label in the box for the return.  Even with the shipping charges (usually $5-$10) she’s still saving money.  

What's the difference between earning my membership and paying up front?

If you pay up front, you'll pay $75 and all the membership benefits will kick in immediately (Discounts, specials, shipping, etc.) and last one year from that date.  If you choose to earn your membership, we'll start tracking your rentals until you've earned $125 in credits.  We'll credit you $10 for each time you rent from us plus $5 for each item you rent until you reach $125.  At that point, you'll become a full member for one year from that date.  

How do I become a member?

It's easy - fill out the application.  Just tell us whether you want to pay up front and start enjoying the benefits of membership right away, or whether you want to earn your membership.  

What if you change the membership program during the year?

You’ll have a choice whether to continue with the existing program until your current year is up or switch into the new program.  

Sign up for your membership today!  Remember, there’s no cost to become a member.