Identification and Payment Information

Payment Information

We accept the following forms of payment:  Cashier’s Check, Debit or Credit Cards, or personal check (for our established clients).  However, depending on the total value of the equipment we may require specific forms of payment to ensure security.

Identification Information

  • We will always require the a valid state-issued photo ID in order to pick up equipment.  
  • If you can supply a certificate of liability insurance please list the holder of the policy as follows: LLC

PMB 315 - Shopper’s Plaza Suite 6

4960 William Flynn Highway

Allison Park, PA  15101

  • If you cannot supply a certificate of liability insurance we may require to provide additional documentation including:
    • Full Deposit by Personal Check (See Below)
    • PA Business Documents
    • Car Registration / License Plate Number: __________
    • Recent Pay Stub (within 30 days)
    • Recent Utility Bill (within 30 days)

Full Deposit by Personal Check

We may ask you to supply us with a personal check (with your full name and address on it - we will not accept starter checks) that covers the full value of the equipment you are renting.  You’ll present this check to us at pick up and we will hold onto it and give it back to you when you return.  So even if you don’t have the money in your account to cover the full value of the equipment, don’t worry.  As long as you reutrn the equipment we’ll never deposit the check.  

On the other hand, if you don’t return the equipment we will deposit the check (even if we suspect it will bounce).  At that point you will have committed fraud and written a bad check.  Writing a bad check alone is punishable by civil and criminal penalties including $1000 fine and up to two years in prison.