Compared: Local vs. Online Dealers

When it comes to renting photo equipment often people turn to online vendors (and there are many).  But renting locally offers many advantages


Price: The biggest advantage is price.  We offer two-day rentals during the weekends which can save you a lot of money.  You'll consistently find that we are at least 5-10% cheaper than the major online retailers.

Confidence: When you rent through us you will know you'll have your equipment instead of hoping that the FedEx or UPS arrives in time

Turn Around Time:  Need a lens tomorrow or even today?  No problem, contact us and we will probably (as long as we have the gear available) be able to get it ready for you.  Oh, and there's no extra charge for last minute rentals unlike paying for overnight shipping from an online store.  

Pay @ Pick Up: Need to reserve equipment a few months in advance but don't have the cash to pay the online places?  We don't ask for payment until you pick the equipment up.

No Shipping Hassles: Since you pick up and return in person you don't need to package up the equipment and get it back in time to ship.

See What You're Getting: While most online places have excellent reputations, going through us you'll see the equipment and get to test it out before you ever pay a dime.