Shipping Information is happy to offer limited shipping services for members within the greater Pittsburgh area.  Here's how it works: 

  • Fill out a rental request form and let us know you want us to ship it to you.  
  • We do charge extra for shipping, but even with shipping our prices are still lower than the online rental places.  Your shipping cost will depend mainly on what gear you rent from us.
  • We usually ship USPS Priority because within the Pittsburgh area we can typically get something in the mail by 5pm one day and have it on your doorstep the next day.  To find out whether you're within our shipping radius, use the USPS Shipping Calculator with the package coming from either 15101 or 15108 (or, just ask us)
  • You’ll need to pay over the phone via credit card. 
  • Once the package is dropped off at the Post Office, you assume all liability for the gear.  In other words, if the postal service loses the package, it’s your responsibility (either getting to you or while being returned).  We’ve had a very good experience with USPS but if you want to be sure, you can request that we insure the gear when we ship it.  
  • We usually don’t require a signature to have the package delievered, but you may want to consider having us ship the gear somewhere where you’ll be during the day when it arrives.  If it sits on your front step and gets stolen, it’ll be your responsibility. 
  • We’ll put the return label in the box we ship the gear to you in, so please be careful opening the box.  If you need to change the box for some reason you’ll need to re-weigh the package as the weight on the return label is for the original packaging.   
  • When you’re ready to ship it back, put the new label on, seal up the box, and drop it off at your post office.