We offer everything from one day-rentals to seasonal and everything in between.  The prices listed are simply the most common.  You only pay full price for the first item, each additional item receives a $20 discount. 

  • Senheiser G3 Wireless Microphone
    • This wireless lapel microphone comes with a shoe mount for easy mounting to your camera and runs off of four AA batteries which makes it extremely portable.  Great for weddings or documentaries, it gives you freedom to adjust your shot without compromising your audio quality.  
    • Price: 1 Day: $51 | 2 Days: $54 | 7 Days: $78
  • Rode Stereo VideoMic 
    • The Rode SVM is a small compact stereo microphone that connects directly to your camera by a standard 1/8-inch cable and mounts easily to a shoe mount on your camera.  
    • Price: 1 Day: $33 | 2 Days: $35 | 7 Days: $50
  • Zoom H4n 
    • The Zoom H4n is a compact audio recorder that has two microphones as well as two quarter-inch or XLR inputs.  It records directly to an SD Card and has a headphone jack for monitoring your audio input.  It can even record from the microphones and inputs simultaneously. 
    • Price: 1 Day: $44 | 2 Days: $46 | 7 Days: $66
  • Samson C02 Condenser Microphones
    • These pencil condenser microphones connect through XLR inputs either directly to a camera such as the C100 or to the H4n.  The advantage in their small size is that you can place them much closer to your subject than a camera-mounted recorder or microphone.  (We supply XLR cables and Microphone stands with these as well).  
    • Price: 1 Day: $33 | 2 Days: $35 | 7 Days: $50


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