Canon 80D Cinema

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera (Body Only)

Photo Credit: B&H Photo

We offer everything from one day-rentals to seasonal and everything in between.  The prices listed are simply the most common.  You only pay full price for the first item, each additional item receives a $20 discount. 

The Canon EOS 80D is an update to the popular Canon 70D.  It offers Canon’s Dual-Piel Autofocus System that allows you to focus during video with performance on par with traditional video cameras.  When paired with an STM lens, the autofocus is smooth and silent.  While there is some noise when paired with a non-STM lens, the autofocus is still smooth, quick, and accurate.  The Canon 80D also features a headphone jack (which the 70D did not) and offers 1080p60 recording internally.  

The Canon EOS 80D works perfectly with our DSLR Professional Cinema and Bare Bones Video Bundles which gives it all the features of a full featured cinema camera.

  • Camera: 1 Day: $67 | 2 Days: $70 | 7 Days: $101
  • Camera + Bare Bones Kit: 1 Day: $162 | 2 Days: $170 | 7 Days: $264
  • Camera + Pro Cinema Kit: 1 Day: $200 | 2 Days: $210 | 7 Days: $302
  • Camera + Pro Cinema Kit + Ninja Assassin: 1 Day: $247 | 2 Days: $260 |      7 Days: $374