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We offer everything from one day-rentals to seasonal and everything in between.  The prices listed are simply the most common.  You only pay full price for the first item, each additional item receives a $20 discount. 

  • Canon XC 10 4K Video Camera
    • The Canon XC10 Video Camera is a hybrid DSLR, Camcorder, and Cinema camera that can record HD (1080p60 and 720p120) and 4K (24/30 fps) footage to internal SD and CFAST cards.  
    • It offers an integrated 10x zoom lens (27.3-273mm equiv.) f/2.8-5.6 lens that offers manual zoom and autofocus.  
    • In addition to the typical DSLR picture profiles, it also offers Canon Wide DR and Canon Log format, similar to the Canon EOS cinema series.  
    • We include a 64GB SDXC card and a 128GB CFAST card in the price of this item.  
    • Pricing: 1 Day: $133 | 2 Days: $140 | 7 Days: $201
  • Canon XF 100 Video Camera (Click for more information) 
    • The Canon XF100 is a traditional HD video camera that features a 10x lens (~30-300mm).  It offers full manual mode (manual focus, iris, shutter, gain, etc) as well as a fully automatic mode so it is perfect for both the professional and the aspiring amateur.  The XF100 is the perfect video camera for our customers.  For the professionals, there's all the features you're looking for as far as XLR inputs, manual controls, image quality, and an advanced codec (50 Mbps, MPEG-2 4:2:2 Color) that can be edited directly.  For the amateur, there's a full automatic mode that let's you focus on shooting rather than on a steep learning curve.
    • The XF100 records to Compact Flash cards only.  
    • 1 Day: $103 | 2 Days: $108 | 7 Days: $155
  • Canon XA20
    • The Canon XA20 is a small compact HD video camera that offers a great combinatino of professional features (XLR inputs) and ease of use in a compact package.  It features a 20x zoom lens, 3.5-inch touch screen, and records up to 1920 x 1080p @ 60 fps.
    • The XA20 records to Secure Digital (SD) cards only
    • 1 Day: $97| 2 Days: $102 | 7 Days: $147
  • Canon Vixia G30
    • The Canon Vixia G30 is Canon’s top of the line consumer camcorder and is very similar to the XA20.  The primary betweeen the two is the lack of XLR inputs on the G30.  
    • The G30 records to Secure Digital (SD) cards only
    • 1 Day: $74 | 2 Days: $78 | 7 Days: $112