Tilta FF-T03 15mm Follow Focus with Hard Stops

Ikan Tilta FF-T03 Follow Focus

Photo Credit: B&H

We offer everything from one day-rentals to seasonal and everything in between.  The prices listed are simply the most common.  You only pay full price for the first item, each additional item receives a $20 discount. 

  • Ikan Remote Air One Wirelss Follow Focus System (High Torque)
    • This wireless follow focus system allows you to pull focus from up to 300 feet away.  It automatically calibrates to a any type of lens and the high torque version is perfect for cine style primes and heavy zooms.  
    • The focus controller runs off of an internal battery that will last for 18 hours of shooting, while the focus unit itself can be powered from any DTAP power source.  
    • Pricing: 1 Day: $120 | 2 Days: $126 | 7 Days: $181
  • Ikan Tilta FF-T03 15mm Follow Focus with Hard Stops + Baseplate
    • This follow focus unit mounts onto standard 15mm rails and provides smooth focus for almost any lens. 
    • Comes with the Ikan Tilta 15mm QR Baseplate and rails as well as the required gear belts 
    • Pricing: 1 Day: $67 | 2 Days: $70 | 7 Days: $101