Off Camera Strobes

Dynalite RK8-1222 Road 800 W/s 2 Head Kit

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We offer everything from one day-rentals to seasonal and everything in between.  The prices listed are simply the most common.  You only pay full price for the first item, each additional item receives a $20 discount. 

  • 1 Day: $147 | 2 Days: $154 | 7 Days: $213
  • "This Dynalite RK8-1222 Road 800W/s 2 Head Kit is powerful and versatile enough to handle a wide variety of on-the-run assignments like fashion, corporate work, portraiture, weddings and interiors. The RP800 pack has 3 head outlets and breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 stop range with short flash durations at a super fast 1.2 seconds recycling time at full power. A variator knob allows fine tuned exposure adjustments over 2 stops in 2/10 stop increments. Triggering options include sync cord (provided), IR or optical slave. The included MH2015 flash heads have a 250W modeling light, 16' power cable, user replaceable 2000W/s capacity flash tube and an ideal color temperature of 5400K. Fan-cooling means that you'll get extended life out of both the flash tube and modeling lamp. The kit's stands and umbrellas employ a unique design that lets them fold in upon themselves to fit in the sturdy Cordura case.” - From

Off Camera Flash Kit

  • Pricing:
    • Master Kit: 1 Day: $71 | 2 Days: $75 | 7 Days: $108
    • Slave Kit: 1 Day: $62 | 2 Days: $65 | 7 Days: $93
  • These kits we’ve assembled so that you can rent everything you need for off-camera flash. These kits come with a Canon Speedlite 600-RT Flash but they’ll work with any Camera that has a standard hot shoe adapter.  So if you’ve got a Nikon camera, these kits will still work just fine.  
  • Each kit includes the following:
    • 1 - Impact Air-Cushioned 8-ft Light Stand
    • 1 - Canon Speedlite 600-RT Flash
    • 1 - Pocketwizard Plus III Transceiver/Receiver (The master kit includes 2 Pocketwizards, one for your camera and one for the speedlite)
    • 1 - Speedlite Softbox
  • We have three of these kits (plus a fourth Pocketwizard for triggering).  

Pocketwizard Plus III

  • 1 Day: $38 | 2 Days: $40 | 7 Days: $58
  • Pocketwizards are great for doing off-camera flash.  You simply attach one to the hot shoe on your camera, and one two your off-camera flash units and you’re up and running.  With a variety of channels to choose from and easy to configure touchpad and LCD display, these are simple to use and produce great results.  
  • We have four Pocketwizards that you can rent.